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Downfall -The Early Years- CD
Downfall -The Early Years- CD

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The Gathering - Downfall -The Early Years- (Vic Records edition)

Downfall - The Early Years is a compilation album of the first demo and rehearsal from The Gathering, as well as a never released 7 inch. The record was first released on 22 May 2001 by Hammerheart Records label. On 15 September 2008, an expanded version of the album was released by Vic Records. This is the Vic Records edition!

Tracks 1-1 to 1-6: Songs from ‘PROMO 1992’, pre production Almost A Dance songs with Bart Smits
on vocals
Tracks 1-7 to 2-6: Previously available on the first release of Downfall (Hammerheart edition)
Tracks 2-7 to 2-13: Live recordings 1990 - 1993

Disc 1
1."Heartbeat Amplifier" (1992 Promo demo)4:56
2."Her Last Flight" (1992 Promo demo)8:09
3."On A Wave" (1992 Promo demo)5:28
4."The Illusionist" (1992 Promo demo)4:29
5."Passage to Desire" (1992 Promo demo)4:49
6."Of Pavilions and Fountains" (1992 Promo demo)3:33
7."In Sickness and Health" (Unreleased 7")7:26
8."Gaya's Dream" (Unreleased 7")6:23
9."Always…" (Unreleased 7")2:30
10."Second Sunrise" (An Imaginary Symphony demo)6:48
11."Six Dead, Three To Go" (An Imaginary Symphony demo)4:04
12."Downfall" (An Imaginary Symphony demo)5:21
13."Another Day" (An Imaginary Symphony demo)3:14
14."Share The Wisdom" (An Imaginary Symphony demo)4:14
Disc 2
1."Dethroned Emperor" (Celtic Frost cover)4:12
2."Subzero" (Moonlight Archer demo)6:21
3."Anthology In Black" (Moonlight Archer demo)3:48
4."Second Sunrise" (Moonlight Archer demo)6:50
5."Downfall" (Moonlight Archer demo)6:03
6."In Sickness and Health" (Moonlight Archer demo)6:45
7."Anthology In Black" (Live)3:02
8."Downfall" (Live)5:33
9."Subzero" (Live)6:44
10."Second Sunrise" (Live)7:06
11."Gaya's Dream" (Live)6:16
12."Stonegarden" (Live)4:58
13."Heartbeat Amplifier" (Live)5:11