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Always... CD
Always... CD

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The Gathering - Always (Peaceville edition)

"Always..." was The Gathering's debut full-length album. Originally released in 1992, it is a prime example of classic atmospheric death/doom metal with brutal vocals & slow funereal riffing influenced by bands such as Celtic Frost, as well as the implementation of keyboards and female vocals of Marike Groot to accentuate the dark ambience. Now released on Peaceville for the first time, a track from the release was even featured on an early Peaceville Records compilation, "Volume 4", with the track "In Sickness & Health".

The packaging also contains updated layout plus new liner notes written by the band.


The Mirror Waters7:10
In Sickness And Health7:00
King For A Day6:33
Second Sunrise6:43
Gaya's Dream6:04