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Accessories: Rarities & B-Sides 3LP (svart edition) Coloured Vinyl
Accessories: Rarities & B-Sides 3LP (svart edition) Coloured Vinyl

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The Gathering - Accessoires: Rarities & B-Sides (3LP vinyl - Svart edition) 2023

  • Triple vinyl album - Multi Coloured
  • 4 page booklet
  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Original release date: aug. 2005

An astounding compilation of rarities by The Gathering. Features all tracks from EPs and singles from the band's golden metal days 1995-2000, plus a heap of material entirely unavailable elsewhere. Pressed on three 180 gram LPs and presented in a special die cut slipcase.

This 140 plus minutes and 27 songs long triple album is a bit all over the place, mixing works-in-progress demos, the odd cover song or alternative version plus occasional unreleased or live material. Yet, while in terms of years it covers a quite short period (1995-2001), it is one essential release that takes you right at the very core of their creative growth at a time when they were rapidly evolving, both on a human and musical level.

"The main idea behind it was pretty simple, to make available to our fans all those B-sides, unreleased tracks and versions that had been sitting on the shelves for too long. Everything. And before we knew it, we ended up with a double album with a lot of things on it! It’s quite a mish-mash but I also think it’s a nice bouquet so to speak of everything we had done", comments Hans Rutten from the band.

The first half of Accessories gathers 14 tracks from the band's singles between 1995 and 2001. None of these songs are available on other albums. The second half contains two sessions which remained unreleased until Accessories - the first being a studio session with krautrock legend Eroc, who the band wanted as their producer, and the second session the uncompromised result of the band being locked in a small analog studio for a week with nothing or nobody to restrict their creativity.

A1 In Motion #1 (Live)

A2 Leaves (Live)

A3 Andrenaline

A4 Third Chance (Alt. Version)

B1 Strange Machines (Live W/ Orchestra)

B2 In Power We Trust The Love Advocated (Dead Can Dance Cover)

B3 When The Sun Hits (Slowdive Cover)

B4 Confusion (Demo / Eroc Session)

B5 Shrink (Alt. Version)

C1 Frail (Live)

C2 Theme From "The Cyclist"

C3 Leaves (Live W/ Orchestra)

C4 Life Is What You Make It (Talk Talk Cover)

C5 Amity (Live At Isabelle)

The Rarities

D1 New Moon, Different Day (Eroc Demo Session 1996)

D2 Kevin's Telescope (Instrumental) (Eroc Demo Session 1996)

D3 Shrink (Eroc Demo Session 1996)

D4 The Earth Is My Witness (Eroc Demo Session 1996)

E1 Diamond Box (Instrumental, Previously Unreleased) (Eroc Demo Session 1996)

E2 Nighttime Birds (Eroc Demo Session 1996)

E3 On Most Surfaces (Eroc Demo Session 1996)

E4 Hjelmar (Instrumental, Previously Unreleased) (Eroc Demo Session 1996)

E5 My Electricity (Demo Session 1998)

F1 Probably Built In The Fifties (Demo Session 1998)

F2 Illuminating (Demo Session 1998)

F3 Red Is A Slow Colour (Demo Session 1998)

F4 Travel (Demo Session 1998)