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Blueprints 2CD
Blueprints 2CD

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The Gathering - Blueprints (demos and outtakes) 2CD

24 tracks of outtakes, demos & unreleased songs taken from The Gathering’s ‘Souvenirs' and ‘Home' recordings (2001-2005). With detailed liner notes from the band!

"Almost 16 years ago we started writing, rehearsing and pre-production for our 7th studio album called 'Souvenirs'. In 2002 we also released an EP called 'Black Light District'. This triggered a lot of inspiration and energy to create 'Souvenirs'. Together with producer Zlaya Hadzich we needed more than 2 years to finish 'Souvenirs', and it wasn't an easy process, but we had a lot of joy making it. After a long period of touring, we wanted to work again with our former producer Attie Bauw ('How To Measure A Planet'). So in 2005 we recorded the album 'Home' in a portable studio at an old chapel in a town called Maurik.

During the process of creating an album, there are always a lot of remaining bits and pieces. We kept all these recordings, which are songs in an early demo phase, rough mixes, songs we couldn't combine with other album material, live jams and experimental soundscapes. We felt we wanted to share these never released tracks, so you can listen to the 'blueprints' from that particular TG period".

This album comes as a double cd, beautiful designed digi-pack with artwork made by Gema Pérez. The release is accompanied by a 16 page booklet with liner notes written by René, Frank, Anneke and Hans.

Tracklist 'Blueprints':

CD 1

1. Blister

2. Alone (demo)

3. Waking Hour (demo)

4. Converted Shuffle

5. Shortest Day (demo)

6. Fatigue (demo)

7. A Noise Severe (demo)

8. In Between (demo)

9. Silent Hymn

10.Forgotten (demo)

11.Inner Combat

12.Box (demo)

CD 2

1. Mokaka

2. Monsters (rough mix)

3. Zion (early ‘In Between’ version)

4. The Intangible

5. These Good People (rough mix)

6. Disarm (demo version of ‘You Learn About It’)

7. We Just Stopped Breathing (rough mix)

8. A Life All Mine (demo)

9. Oil

10.Debris (rough mix)

11.Film Glass

12.Out Of Breath (‘We Just Stopped Breathing’ live jam)