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City From Above CD-EP
City From Above CD-EP

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The Gathering - City From Above (EP - CD)

City From Above EP, released as a webshop bonus digifile EP (2009). Radio edits of 'Treasure' and 'All You Are' taken from the album 'The West Pole'. Two songs Featuring Marcela Bovio on the fabulous 'Miniature' and the Spanish version of 'Pale Traces'. The epic soundscape 'City From Above' was used for a modern ballet dance project.

  1. Treasure [Radio Edit] (3:17)
  2. All You Are [Radio Edit] (3:22)
  3. Pale Traces [Alternative Spanish Version] (4:46)
  4. Miniature (6:21)
  5. City from Above [Modern Dance Project] (12:53)

The Gathering -Miniature