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The Gathering - 'if_then_else' CD

'if_then_else', the 6th studio album of the Gathering follows the acclaimed How To Measure A Planet?. Engineered by Zlaya Hadzich [producer of Souvenirs] and Attie Bauw [producer of How to Measure A Planet?], the Gathering takes you this time to rockier journey with tracks like Rollercoaster, Colorado Incident or Saturnine, but Amity or Herbal Movement will also give some moments of relaxation.

The album was recorded at the Koeienverhuurbedrijf Studio, Purmerend, and at S&K Studio, Doetinchem between January and March, 2000, under the band's own guidance with Zlaya Hadzich as co-producer. The album was engineered by Zlaya Hadzich and Dick Kemper, mixed and mastered on Pro Tools by Attie Bauw at Bauwhaus Studio, Amsterdam in April 2000.

Its title combines two frequently used computer programming notations:

  • The if, then, else conditional statement
  • The use of all lowercase, underscore-separated words

"Colorado Incident" is about a real-life experience of having to cancel a gig in Colorado because of overbooking, exhaustion and the band members' illnesses. Fans were frustrated, and the band was later very apologetic about this "incident".[6] (It is apparently not about the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, as often speculated.)

An excerpt of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is heard between "Analog Park" and "Herbal Movement".


Shot To Pieces4:10
Bad Movie Scene3:49
Colorado Incident4:53
Beautiful War2:32
Analog Park6:05
Herbal Movement4:10
Morphia's Waltz6:37
The Gathering - Saturnine