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Almost a dance CD
Almost a dance CD

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The Gathering - Almost A Dance (Psychonaut Records 1999), CD format.

Almost a Dance is the second studio album by the Dutch doom metal band The Gathering, released in 1993 on Foundation 2000 Records.
Tom Holkenborg, who produced this album, became famous as electronic musician Junkie XL, and worked on several soundtracks.
On this album, The Gathering left death growls and their death-doom influences aside, in favor to a more straightforward doom metal sound with clean vocals.

1. On A Wave
2. The Blue Vessel
3. Her Last Flight
4. The Sky People
5. Nobody Dares
6. Like Fountains
7. Proof
8. Heartbeat Amplifier
9. A Passage To Desire

The Gathering - Almost a Dance line up:

Niels Duffhuës - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, arrangements on track 5
Martine van Loon - female vocals (tracks 1, 4, 6, and 9)
René Rutten – guitars, theremin, digeridoo
Jelmer Wiersma – guitars
Frank Boeijen – keyboards
Hugo Prinsen Geerligs – bass, flute, triangle
Hans Rutten – drums, arrangements